Friday, April 20, 2007

The Aging Factor

As the skin ages, it characteristically becomes drier and loses its elasticity. Equally, the rejuvenating capabilities slow down and the oxygen and nutrient supply decreases along with blood circulation causing cell renewal capabilities to slow down. These changes take place in the dermal layer of the skin. Dermal layer changes depend on three things: Your Age, Heredity and Your Skin Care Habits. The following chart gives us an idea of our cell renewal time:

  • Under 35 Years of Age - Every 28 Days

  • 35 Years of Age - Every 5 Weeks

  • 45 Years of Age - Every 6 Weeks

  • 55 Years of Age - Every 8 Weeks

  • 65 Years of Age - Every 9 Weeks

The only area in which we have any control is to establish healthy skin care habits. Bombarded as we are by media messages of perfect skin, figures and lives, it is often difficult to make the best purchasing decisions. Television products and Over-the-Counter products may offer low prices, but they are not always bargains. Formulations can be general, not skin-type specific, and the concentration of active ingredients is extremely low plus one set of products cannot work for everyone. Skin care products purchased from a professional offer several advantages, including programs designed specifically for your skin's age, condition, and general needs.

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