Tuesday, April 10, 2007

4 Steps for Bacteria Protection

Always wash your face with tepid water and your recommended Paradise Skin Products' cleanser before taking a hot bath. Hot baths can open up the pores so that makeup can flow right on in, clogging them. And sharp changes from hot to cold, or vice versa, cause spider veins, those tiny broken capillaries that can roadmap a face. Never use ice on your face - it's too extreme.

Try not to touch your face since hands carry bacteria to the face. If you have to touch your face, use the back of your hand.

Drink lots of water. Apart from drinking at least eight glasses of water a day, always rinse your face with your recommended Paradise Skin Product Cleanser, followed up with your Toner, before putting on a Hydrator.

Change your pillowcase every night and never reuse a sweatband or towel for exercising. Don't let hair sprays or mousses get on the face.

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