Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cutting Edge Products

Have you ever wondered if your skin care products are cutting edge? Of course this could lead to many different interpretations. For example, how could Vitamin C be cutting edge? This ingredient has been around for ages. I can tell you 1 way to make sure you have cutting edge ingredients even on ingredients such as Vitamin C. If you look at your ingredient listing and you see the letter "L" before an ingredient then you are using one of the most cutting edge forms of this ingredient. Ingredients that show "L" mean that they are in a more pure state than ingredients without the "L".

Also, it is good to take note of ingredient percentages. Many companies will not disclose percentage levels, but here at Paradise Skin Products we are not ashamed of our ingredient levels. For example, our Intense Wrinkle Serum has a 20% polypeptide. You will have a hard time finding polypeptides at such a high level. Your main stream brands usually only have around an 8%. Those very few that actually have a 20% are not even chiral correct. That means you will not be getting as pure of an absorption (product will not penetrate the skin as effectively as it should).

Keep these tips in mind when weighing out your skin care products.

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