Friday, April 27, 2012

Benefits of Fullersomes Delivery System

Fullersomes™ is a transport system that helps nutrients absorb into the skin.  This ingredient allows other beneficial ingredients to successfully reach their destination.  It doesn't matter how amazing an ingredient is; if it cannot get to the area it needs to be to correct then it will be useless.  This ingredient is a high-powered antioxidant that forms the only natural carbon the body can use.  This carbon forms a spherical cage around rogue oxygen species and reinstalls them on their proper pathways.  More importantly, natural carbon feeds the whole carbon infrastructure of the body and these are the all-important pathways along which oxygen moves and within which the body safely utilizes oxygen.  A healthy carbon network means oxygen will not turn into free radicals!

In 1996 The Space Division, NASA, at Ames Research Center in Science conducted studies on Fullersomes™.  NASA concluded the Fullersomes™ transport system is one million to ten million times smaller than Liposomes, resulting in their delivery system being more efficient and the penetration more effective.

This ingredient can be found in Beautiful Eyes, Marine EGF, and Peaches N Cream Moisturizer.

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