Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Natural Balance of Oil – Moisturize!

There are many who walk amongst us that have oily skin, but also have an underlying issue with dryness.  How can this be possible?  There are several reasons, but one of the most common problems we see are people using strong products on their skin in hopes to reduce oil.  These stronger products can range from acne type regimens all the way to the anti-aging variety (benzyol peroxide, Retin A, hydroquinone; just to name a few) .  When these forms of skin care are used people must always use a moisturizer in order to stabilize a healthy balance of oil production and reduce inflammation.  When skin receives constant oil stripping ingredients, it naturally tells the oily production cells that it needs to increase production of oil thus causing more oil on the face.  It is a vicious cycle that will continue until a moisturizer is used.  A good balance of the skin can take a few weeks to reach it’s normal, healthy state of oil control.  If you think you have oily and dry skin look for moisturizers that are extra light and are specifically made for oily skin.

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