Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Truth About Maturing Skin

The effects of aging on the skin range from hardly noticeable to severe; from slight problems that slowly worsen to terrible problems that seem to crop up over night. For women, the aging of the skin can be seriously complicated by menopause.

    Symptoms of aging include:
  • Dryness or thinning of the skin

  • Easy bruising

  • Hyperpigmentation (age spots)

  • Skin sensitivity

  • Thinning hair on head

  • Excess body hair

    Treatments to prevent extreme problems:
  • Regular exercise

  • Proper Dietary Habits

  • Change in skin care

  • Recommended anti-aging treatments

Understanding the changes your body goes through, and making the appropriate changes to your routine in response, will help avoid many of the severe symptoms of the aging process. With anti-aging treatments and products, we cannot stop the clock from ticking, but we can slow down the hands of time.

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